I love to read. I really, REALLY love to read. I belong to four different book clubs, so you know I'm seriously ill or just serious when I say that. However, I tend to read fairly quickly and when I'm done and onto the next book, sometimes I forget. So this is a spot for me to recollect my faves, share the new goodies I've encountered, and, quite frankly, . . . to remind myself what I've read. : ) If you have a fabulous find you've read recently, send me an email and I'll read it next!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Maze Runner

by James Dashner

This was one of those futuristic juvi-fics that I finished in two days.  It was riveting, exciting, and thoroughly suspenseful.  Perfect summer reading if you don't have anything else to do . . . mostly because I didn't get anything accomplished during those two days! I really enjoyed the characters, the plotline, the idea . . . can't wait for book 2!  (or maybe I should, since we have no food in the house, the dishes need to be done, and I have errands to run!)


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